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Furniture Removal in Maryland

For some unknown reason, it seems that most furniture manufacturers do not build their products with moving them in mind. Handles and built-in wheels are very hard to find, if not impossible, on basically every piece of furniture throughout a home. That simple fact makes furniture removal in Maryland an onerous task and one that’s best left to the experienced team of professionals at Dump & Junk.

Taking Care of the Next Steps

Even if you overcome the struggle to get your outdated furniture to the curb, there’s still the matter of what happens next. Do you wait and hope someone comes along and sees the value inherent in your old armchair or coffee table and then carts it away? Or do you take that formerly comfy couch and transform it into new lawn furniture? If neither idea is appealing, and all you want is to see the end of your items, give us a call for your old furniture removal.

If the item can be repurposed or reused, we’ll do our best to find a new life for it, rather than a new home at the landfill. This is part of our continuing efforts to recycle as much of the materials we haul away as we can.

Making Furniture Removal Easy for You

Maybe you want to take care of your furniture disposal by yourself, but you don’t have the resources. Perhaps you have a bunch of items you are getting rid of, or you don’t have a vehicle which is capable of hauling any furniture. In those cases, we are the ones to call upon for furniture pickup as we have the equipment which allows us to transport large amounts of furniture easily.

But don’t think that we only handle large loads as we also take care of small pieces as well. It is part of our attention to detail and service that we welcome jobs of all sizes for all customers.

Furniture Removal in Maryland

Handling Furniture of All Sizes

We don’t only handle residential furniture, but we also provide furniture hauling for commercial customers also. That means we will remove business furniture and office equipment as well as electronics. In that way, you only need one point of contact for all material removal. It couldn’t be simpler or more convenient.

Don’t put off getting rid of old furniture because you don’t have the time to move it from your home or business. Reach out to us for service, and we’ll give you a free estimate and friendly service.

Contact us for information on our furniture removal services. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Maryland.