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Hoarding Cleanup Service in Maryland

There are reality shows which illustrate the difficulty in eliminating the accumulation of items that some people gather in their homes over time. It is truly an extreme task in a lot of cases, as the sheer volume of hoarded materials can be hard to fathom. It looks tough on TV, and it’s even tougher in real life. If you find yourself in need of a hoarding cleanup service in Maryland, then call upon the experienced professionals at Dump & Junk.

Effective Material Removal

Unlike those therapists on TV, it is not our role to comment on or help assist with the issues of hoarding; our role is to support you as the customer and provide the skills to remove the materials effectively. There is often a swirl of emotions that surround such a cleanup, and that’s one reason it is helpful to bring in outside professionals to help deal with the overwhelming number of items. You can concentrate on the issue while we concentrate on the physical side of the process.

This is a considerable task, in many cases, as a thorough hoarding cleanout must dispose of and haul away a large number of items. But we are up to the task as we have the manpower and equipment you need.

Our services will help you regain a healthy and clean space which is free of the piles of material that prevented full enjoyment of the property. We work quickly so that the problem becomes a thing of the past.

The Equipment You Need

The material which builds up throughout a hoarding scenario often will overwhelm traditional trash receptacles. As a part of our hoarding cleaning service, we are ready to supply a dumpster large enough to handle all of the debris from the property.

 We have multiple sizes which will be more than enough for even the largest accumulation of boxes, bags, and containers. We have dumpsters in 15, 20, 30, and 40-yard sizes, and when they are full, we haul them away.

Not Everything Is Trash

Although many things which are collected during our hoarding junk removal service are destined to go straight to the landfill, there are many more than can be put to further use. We focus on maintaining a strong environmental stewardship profile by recycling as many materials and products as we can for every job we undertake. We have a strong commitment to being as eco-friendly as possible, and it’s a commitment we always are sure to uphold.

Contact us to learn more about our hoarding cleanup services. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Maryland.